Welcome to COLISY®


COLISY® Innovative Outdoor Fitness Equipmentis an adventurous urban outdoor fitness equipment manufacturer who always seek and create the most inspiring urban outdoor fitness products for people all over the world who are concerned about their fitness and health.

With human beings looking for a fit and inspiring lifestyle anywhere in the world, COLISY® takes the opportunity to offer them the best solutions towards outdoor fitness products.

Vision and Mission

We are striving for urban people’s well-being and introducing them the benefits of fitness.
We provide an inspiring yet safe place where children, adults, and the elderly can access to high quality fitness equipment, rejuvenate their bodies, revitalize their minds.

Environmental Protection Concept

With the increase of environmental awareness, we not only pursue innovation but also care about our environment. We reduce as much weight on each equipment as we can in order to reduce fuel costs; the aluminium alloy and the metal materials we use are all recyclable.
When the products have reached the end of their lifecycle, we provide immediate recycling service to eliminate excessive costs on customers and also reduce the energy consumption. This is how we lead the outdoor fitness equipment into Green Industry.

Our Promise

COLISY® is among few outdoor fitness companies that provides all new innovative designed equipment and outdoor fitness field-solution concept.
We promise that customers can always get superior quality products; we also promise the care of our environment.

Brand Characteristics

Our brand is inspiring, and the features that we reflect is through our brand expressions which are:
1. We have been trying to find better ways to provide outdoor fitness to more people and also to more international communities.
2. We are concerned the quality of our products and services.
3. We not only care about the health of people but also of our environment.

Brand Identity

COLISY® promises people living in the city that they can count on us for an exceptional Urban Outdoor Fitness Experience delivered with inspiring design, and practical products.